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About Us

We’re committed to providing high quality post-surgical compression garments at low competitive prices.

We take great pride in our company, our commitment to excellent customer service and in the products we sell.

Designed to facilitate a comfortable and effective recovery from liposuction, breast surgery, reconstructive and plastic surgery, our post-surgical compression garments are constructed from soft, lightweight, stretchable and breathable fabrics which are constructed to maintain stretch and flexibility for effective compression.

Compression garments are recommended by plastic surgeons to accelerate the healing process, help the skin conform to its new contours and augment the achievement of a great outcome to help you make a seamless transition to recovery!

Stocked Garments

LipoGarments provides compression garments to cosmetic and plastic surgeons who may benefit from quantity discounts as well as to patients who require only one or two garments. We welcome inquiries from wholesalers and distributors. Most products are in-stock for same day or next day shipment.

Custom-made Garments: Health Professional

LipoGarments will manufacture compression garments to your design and specifications with a minimum order. Contact us for details. Whether you are a professional or a patient, browse through our store and let us earn your business through competitive pricing, free ground shipping ($50 order shipped within US contiguous 48 states) and quantity discounts on high quality compression garments.