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Arm Compression Garment

Arm compression garments are commonly used after brachioplasty arm lift procedures to reduce swelling and bruising, add support and comfort and to enhance tissue adherence. Our arm garments feature a vertical contact closure strip on the upper arms for adjusting the amount of compression needed.

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  • Ideal for use following brachioplasty, arm lift surgery or liposuction of the arm, axilla, elbow and upper back.

    Provides compression to minimize swelling and aids in flushing fluids from the body, improves circulation around the surgical area and helps speed up the healing process.

    Made from a lightweight breathable and durable latex-free material.

    Two adjustable contact closures are designed in an open mammary style with no breast coverage.

    Can be used with any cup size.

    A vertical contact closure on each of the upper arms allows you to adjust or tighten the amount of compression desired throughout the healing phase.

    Long sleeves and full back surface with external seams for comfort. Designed to be worn under clothing

    Care Instructions: Hand wash in cool water with a gentle soap, air or line dry out of direct sunlight. Add peroxide to cool water to soak stains, then wash as above. Machine washing and drying is not recommended. Typically worn immediately after surgery and continuously for a number of days or weeks, except when showering. The purchase of two post surgical arm compression garments is recommended. Having a second garment will ensure that a clean one is always available for wear.

    Available in sizes S – 2XL and in White or Black Indications: Ideal for use after Brachioplasty, Arm Lift Surgery, Arm Reduction Surgery or Liposuction of the arm, elbow or upper back To be used under the direction of a physician


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