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Breast Augmentation Wrap

When recommended by your surgeon, breast wraps are useful to stabilize breast implants by keeping the implant low in the pocket during healing. Our breast bandeau wraps are just the right width for ideal compression and support. A compression bra may be worn under the breast wrap.

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  • Ideal after breast augmentation, breast implants, breast reduction, breast reconstruction or breast lift procedures

    Comfortably padded and the optimum width for effective stabilization of implants

    Note: Contains Natural Rubber Latex covered by polyester yarn

    Easy to use contoured breast augmentation wrap or breast bandeau

    Ideal 3″ width with fully adjustable contact closures

    Helps keep breast implants positioned and stabilized

    Can be worn alone or with a compression bra

    Available in White, One size fits most up to 45″ chest circumference

    Care Instructions: Hand wash in cool water with a gentle soap, air or line dry out of direct sunlight. Add peroxide to cool water to soak stains, then wash as above. Machine washing and drying is not recommended.

    Typically worn immediately after surgery and continuously for a number of days or weeks, except when showering. The purchase of two breast augmentation wraps is recommended. Having a second wrap will ensure that a clean one is always available for wear.

    Use as directed by your physician

    Indications: Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants, Maxtopexy (Breast LIft), Mammoplasty, Breast Reconstruction, Breast Reduction, TRAM Flap Procedure, TUBA Transumbilical Breast Augmentation

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